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The Tranquil Tub

Solid Conditioner Bars

Solid Conditioner Bars

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Due to being so concentrated, our 1.5 oz solid conditioner bars are packed with more conditioning agents than liquid conditioners, which contain a significant amount of water.  What does this mean? Solid conditioner bars can better hydrate and nourish your hair, resulting in softer, shinier and healthier locks!

Allow conditioner bars to dry between washes and keep out of direct stream of water. These bars also make travel a breeze! 

Available in the following scents:

Raspberry Vanilla: a lovely combination of fresh berries and vanilla

Dragonfruit: tropical fruit fusion of dragonfruit, peach nectar, golden melon, berries, island lilies and warm amber musk

Ocean: A refreshing blend of ozonic ocean air, citrus, jasmine, sea salt, violet and powdered musk. For the customers who love the "High Tide" scent we offer in soap bars, you will love this!

Gardenia: a captivating aroma of gardenia flowers in full bloom, with hints of fresh greens, violet, manolias and soft musk

Ingredients: BTMS 25/BTMS 50, cetyl alcohol, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, Vitamin E oil, dimethicone, plant-based glycerin, panthenol, hydrolized oat protein, cosmetic grade mica (colorant). 

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